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Get in Line Now: Gibbs to Sell 20 Aquada Amphibians

Gibbs Amphibians is selling about 20 of its Aquada amphibious sports cars.

Twelve years ago, Gibbs Amphibians built more than 30 Aquada amphibious sports cars and promptly hid them away in a storage unit. Now, the maker of fast amphibians is selling about 20 of the cars under a provision that allows them to be sold as collector vehicles.

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Would a Gibbs Triski Resemble a Polaris Slingshot?

Could the Polaris Slingshot foretell a possible Gibbs three-wheeler? has previously reported that Gibbs Sports Amphibians might be working a road-legal three-wheeler. But what would that look like?

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Major Product Announcement from Gibbs Expected by End of January

Gibbs is preparing a major product announcement for late January. Could it be a two-seat Quadski?

Expect an announcement about a new product from Gibbs by the end of January. What will it be? has an educated prediction on what it is.

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Aquada on Hold as Gibbs Focuses on Quadski Derivatives

Gibbs' Aquada is on hold while the company focuses on filling out its roster of powersports products that started with the Quadski.

Wondering about the latest on Gibbs’ plans to build its amphibious Aquada sports car?

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Daily Driver – Yes, You Can Have Your Car and Your Boat, Too

Wouldn't be cool to drive into the water on your way home from work? You could do that in a Gibbs Aquada.

My lunch companion was having trouble wrapping her head around the idea of a boat that was also your car.

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