Gibbs Spokesman Tells Our Reader that Quadski Production Will Begin in 4th Quarter

The production version of the Quadski may look similar to this pre-production model, but the body will sit higher with far greater clearance in the wheel wells.

A Gibbs Technologies spokesman told a reader that limited production of the Quadski is expected to start in the 4th quarter with initial sales planned for the United States. Sales to other countries are planned for later.

FastAmphibians reader Philippe, a resident of Belgium, shared the letter from Larry Weis, who serves as the company’s chief spokesman.

Hi Philippe…

Thanks for your interest in the Gibbs Quadski. Production and on-sale schedules haven’t been finalized, but the company hopes to begin limited production of the Quadski sometime during the fourth quarter of this year.

Initial sales will be to customers in the United States. Gibbs Technologies is developing export distribution plans as well, however.

Thanks again for your interest. We’ll be happy to keep you posted on news related to the Quadski and the company’s other high-speed amphibian vehicles as it becomes available.

Best wishes!

Larry Weis AutoCom Associates

Philippe said he plans to buy some of the first ones and ship them to Europe where he hopes to be the on his continent to have one.

“I plan to buy some Quadskis as soon as they are available is the U.S. and export them myself to Europe,” Philippe said. “It must be great to have the first one in Europe :) .”


  1. What is coming first, 4 wheel or 3 wheel?

    1. I have not seen a three-wheel version. They expect to begin limited production of the 4-wheel Quadski in the fourth quarter.

  2. enough games ….. produce or shut up

    1. Custom, It looks like something might happen soon. Check back in a couple of weeks.

  3. when can i import to spain ?

    1. Galy, I really wish that I could answer that. I’ve been working to get a production update, but getting no where. Might have to try another route to get the answer because a lot of readers want to know. I’ll post a story as soon as I have the information.

  4. i have been waiting on this for year
    is there a clone i can buy or something?
    china didnt duplicate this yet?

    1. Marc,
      Unfortunately, the wait has been extremely long on this machine. But it would appear that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They’re close. Watch this space. I expect to talk to the spokesman for the company soon to get a production update. As for a clone, I don’t know of anyone who is working on a machine that will have capabilities anywhere close to the Quadski.

  5. Any new news on production? Dealerships?

    1. Tom,
      The latest is that they will begin limited Quadski production sometime this summer – They have been in talks with potential dealers, but haven’t made any announcements. It’s probably a good time to pursue a Quadski production update, so I’ll touch base with my contacts over there.

  6. Please keep me updated on production

  7. All I can say is wow! Let me know more about gibbs quadski
    I would like to be a dealer! I have seen all I need to see!
    I’m sold! If anyone else can help please let me know? people in Mich. whould love these things!

    1. It is pretty cool, isn’t it. Stay tuned. Big news is coming very soon.

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