Gibbs May Be Preparing Two- and Three-Wheel Fast Amphibians

Could Gibbs be working on two-wheel and three-wheel fast amphibians?

Gibbs Amphibians has said that it plans to introduce new products every 12-18 months, but the company has been tight-lipped about what it is planning. So let’s speculate about what Gibbs could make next.

What if Gibbs was planning two-wheel and three-wheel fast amphibians? has already reported that a two-seat Quadski is on the way.

Gibbs has only said that it will introduce a new product at the beginning of 2014. Company founder Alan Gibbs said at the launch of the original Quadski last year that the company would produce a two seater, so put two and two together and reported that the two-seat Quadski would be that product. And Gibbs hasn’t called to say that report was erroneous.

Click here to read about the two-seat Quadski.

But beyond the Quadski 2, what will Gibbs come up with next? A side-by-side would seem to be a natural, although trimming – or balancing – the vehicle on water with just one person aboard or when carrying a load could prove problematic. The Quadski platform is 62.5 inches wide, so there’s plenty of width for a proper utility terrain vehicle.

But here are a couple more intriguing possibilities:

Following the naming convention established with the Quadski, a quick Internet search shows that Gibbs has registered the web domains and It has also trademarked the name Triski, but a trademark could not be found for Biski. As of this writing, points to while the Triski site is inactive.

Those names suggest that Gibbs is planning two-wheel and three-wheel fast amphibians.

Part of the appeal of two- and three-wheel amphibians would be that they could be made road legal in the U.S. Quads such as the Quadski generally cannot be licensed for road use, although there are local exceptions.

Gibbs' Aquada is on hold while the company focuses on filling out its roster of powersports products that started with the Quadski.

A road-legal fast amphibian would satisfy a dream that started with Gibbs’ original vehicle, the Aquada car, which has been stuck in regulatory red tape for more than a decade while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Coast Guard argue about how to regulate the groundbreaking vehicle.

Two-wheel and three-wheel fast amphibians could be made road legal. That would allow someone to ride their Triski or Biski to work, then take a spin in the local lake on the way home.

The Triski seems like a natural. With the front end of a Quadski and the single wheel in back, it would seem that it would be easy to balance. The two-wheeler, though, seems a bit more difficult.


  1. I am interested to purchase.

    1. Wahid,

      You have found, the enthusiasts’ home for amphibious vehicles such as the Gibbs Quadski. The two- and three-wheelers aren’t available yet, but Gibbs did just show concepts. The four-wheel Quadski – in one- and two-seat versions – is available. There are dealers across the globe and you can learn more at If you pursue a purchase, please tell them where you learned about them.

      - Bryan Laviolette, founder and editor of

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