Gibbs Has Considered Polaris Slingshot-Style Amphibian

Could a future Gibbs Amphibians product follow the Polaris Slingshot template?

Prior to Gibbs Amphibians showing a concept three-wheel amphibian last fall, hypothesized that the concept Triski might be similar to the Polaris Slingshot, a reverse trike with a pair of side-by-side seats and a regular steering wheel.

The vehicle Gibbs showed at the AIMExpo in October 2015 turned out to be a straddle-seat vehicle that is essentially a Quadski from the seat forward.

But Gibbs Chairman Neil Jenkins offered a sly smile when asked if the Slingshot idea was close to anything his designers have considered.

"It's an interesting idea," Jenkins said, "one that we've looked at."

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The Slingshot is road legal because it is classified as a motorcycle.

The idea of a Slingshot-style fast amphibian is enticing because it could be made road legal under U.S. motorcycle regulations.

Gibbs has tried for 10 years to win approval from U.S. regulators for its car, called the Aquada. But the company has found that emissions and safety regulations for boats and cars are in conflict. So far, regulators have refused to budge on any sort of compromises to allow Gibbs to move forward with the Aquada.

Aquada on hold over regulatory issues

But motorcycle rules are far less restrictive.

The Slingshot is a creative concept. it's powered by a 2.4-liter four cylinder sourced from General Motors. Mounted in front, the engine connects to a regular 5-speed manual transmission with a shifter in the center console.

A pair of seats flank the center console, as in a sports car. In back, the Slingshot has a single wheel that puts power to the pavement.

Could the Slingshot be the template for a future Gibbs creation? Time will tell.

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