Dealer: Biski Concept Has Big-Time Sales Potential

Gibbs' showed its Biski concept at the AIMExpo in October 2015.

Count one powersports dealer as a fan of the Gibbs Biski concept shown at AIMExpo in 2015.

Dan Smith, watercraft sales manager for Cycle Springs Powersports in Clearwater, Florida, said the Biski looks like a winning concept.

"That Biski, if they would have made that from the get go, they would have killed it," Smith said.

The Biski is a two-wheel scooter that converts into a personal watercraft using Gibbs' High Speed Amphibian technology.

"That Biski, if they would have made that from the get go, they would have killed it."

Gibbs Chairman Neil Jenkins said in an exclusive interview with that the Biski generated 25 million hits to its website after the introduction.

The Biski concept is powered by a 2-cylinder, 55-horsepower engine. It's capable of 80 mph on land and 37 mph in water. Dual water jets provide propulsion in the water.

Like Gibbs' other vehicles, the Biski is able to transition between water and land modes in less than 5 seconds.

Cycle Springs was one of Gibbs first dealers selling the Quadski four-wheel fast amphibian.

Why did Gibbs decide to stop producing the Quadski? has the answer.

Gibbs ended Quadski production in fall 2015 as sales slowed and BMW announced it would no longer provide its 1.3-liter motorcycle engine.

One of the advantages of the Biski is that, unlike the Quadski, it could be made road legal in the U.S.

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