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Amphibious, Ambidextrous: What’s the Difference?

It's easy to laugh at a silly mistake in the newspaper. Ha! Look, Ethel, the newspaper called a baseball pitcher amphibious when they meant ambidextrous!

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Drive on Water? You Can in the Jeepski

Move over WaterCar Panther, here comes the Jeepski!


You’ve decided you want a WaterCar Panther, the Jeep lookalike fast amphibian that is made in Southern California.

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Tesla Amphibious? Check Out Elon’s Cool Easter Egg

Elon Musk slipped a very personal "Easter Egg" into one of the control screens of the Tesla Model S.

Apparently Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s appreciation of James Bond’s submersible Lotus extends to the company’s vaunted Model S.

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Sea Lion: The World’s Fastest Amphibian? Maybe Someday

The Sea Lion as the look of a home-built supercar, but one with a special capability: It's also a boat.

For generations, people have dreamed of having a car that is capable of traveling fast on water as well as land. But few people have the technical resources to make it happen.

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Tesla’s Musk to Turn Bond Lotus Submarine into Working Amphibian

Elon Musk plans to turn the submersible Lotus Esprit into a working amphibious vehicle.

Talk to people about amphibious vehicles such as the Gibbs Quadski and WaterCar Panther and they inevitably bring up James Bond.

Of course, Bond is famous for his gadget cars, but what really drives home the comparison is the Lotus Esprit that turns into a submarine in 1977 Bond flick The Spy Who Loved Me.

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