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This Truck Can Go Off-Road – No, REALLY Off-Road

Crossbreed a Ford F-550 and a 24-foot Kingfisher patrol boat. The result would be a fast amphibian that might look something like this.

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Best of Three Worlds: Gibbs Takes Advantage of Facilities Across the Globe

Gibbs takes full advantage of the opportunity to develop, engineer and build its fast amphibians at sites across the globe.

The story behind Gibbs’ High Speed Amphibians is one that has been created by teams across the globe. In fact, company leaders say Gibbs’ use of technology leaders across the continents is really at the core of what it has created.

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Gibbs Could Have Answer for Marine Amphibian Vehicle

The Marine Corps is looking for a new amphibious transport vehicle. While Gibbs has no plans to submit a proposal, a spokesman said that Gibbs technology could meet the needs of the military.

The Marine Corps continues to search for a new vehicle to serve as a “connector” vehicle capable of delivering Marines – along with equipment – from ship to shore.

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What is a Fast Amphibian?

Clockwise from top left: Gibbs Phibian, Gibbs Humdinga, Gibbs Quadski, CAMI Amphibious Responder, CAMI Hydra Spyder and WaterCar Panther.

There have been plenty of amphibious vehicles. Skid steers like the Argo, MAX ATV, Hydratek, cars like the Amphicar, German military Schwimmwagen, DUKWs (or more commonly known as Ducks), LARCs, Dutton, Sea Roader. There have also been one-offs, some of them built by backyard hobbyists, others, like the RinSpeed sQuba, expensive, but impractical design exercises.

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Prospective Distributor Likes Potential of Fast Amphibians

A prospective distributor in Turkey says he expects the Quadski to be popular in Istanbul.

DETROIT – When Murat Ozdil sees Gibbs Amphibians’ range of fast amphibians, he sees all sorts of ways to use them in his home, Istanbul.

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